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best shelve for plants

Best Shelves for Plants: Indoor & Outdoor Stands for Plants

If you love being surrounded by a multitude of plants in most parts of your house, then it’s about time to look for the best shelves for plants to create some space and organize your darlings beautifully.

Why do we need to make more space?

It’s simple. So that we can grow even more plants.

I love buying and looking for the best indoor plant shelves so that I can showcase the beauties that I’m already growing. And to make some space for new green life in my house.

Best Shelves for Plants Reviews

I am so totally excited to recommend and review some of the best plant stands that we can buy.
I love looking for things like that.

For example, I had a wonderful time looking for the best pots for snake plants because I focused on beautiful containers to match a majestic plant.

And I had fun browsing for the best containers for mint because it was more about functionality, decent prices, and it got me talking about that absolutely delicious and versatile herb.

I also loved looking for the best watering globes because they’re such beautiful creations, so colorful since they’re usually made from hand blown glass. And it’s an interesting way to automatically water them.

One of my favorites was going into the world of garden wind spinners, that was a joy.

For now, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Let’s discover the best indoor plant shelves that hopefully will match the number of pots you have, your budget, and the aesthetics you’re going for. It’s going to be a challenge.

1. Uneedem Indoor Plant Stand: Best Small Plant Stand

This is about the most basic we can get when we’re looking for the best shelves for plants.

It’s not exactly a shelf but it is a stand.

If you confuse it with an uncomfortable chair for countertop, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark. Or it can be confused with a small side table.

It really looks like a chair. A nice, uncomfortable chair for us but a nice stand for a plant or two, depending on how big our pots are.

I am well aware that not everyone who looks for indoor stands for plants will need to find places for countless containers. Some of you might just need a stand for a pot or two.

And that’s how I ended up considering the Uneedem Indoor Plant Stand.


I’m certainly not opposed to this design.

I like its simplicity, the round, white plate put on top of 3 bamboo colored legs. The whole thing can fit most styles, unless white bright colors are not the thing for your house.

In that case, don’t worry.

Uneedem also offers the same design all in black. That one is striking, as well.

I love both the black and the white options. They manage to strike a good mood in their simplicity of lines and shapes.

The whole design will also work well with different containers. Whether you have terracotta pots or plastic white or black containers or cement planters, all will look well on the Uneedem Indoor Plant Stand.

So far, everything looks good.

Besides the design, I’m also impressed by the quality of this thing.

We are told that the triangular structure of this flower pot stand can bear up to 100 pounds of weight.

It’s really strong so I love that. Still, keep in mind that the table measures just 11 inches in diameter. So, the bottom of your planter must be smaller than 11 inches. 9 or 8 inches or even smaller pots will look good on it.


We get to choose from a bunch of different sizes. The 11 inch diameter of the table is constant.

The variable that changes is the height of the Uneedem stand.

Also, we can choose between white and black as colors.

In terms of height we get: 8.6 inches, 16 inches, and 20.5 inches.

Do you think your plant would look better close to the floor or on a quite tall stand? That’s the choice you have to make.

When you decide on the height of this stand, you must also consider that your plant needs to be at a good height to receive enough sunlight.

All in all, I’m impressed with the quality of the Uneedem Indoor Plant Stand. It’s easy to assemble, not too expensive, and it’s one of the highest rated at the moment.

Where to Buy?

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2. Bamworld Indoor Outdoor Plant Stand: Best Value Shelves for Plants

This is a manufacturer that offers buyers a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the best shelves for plants.

We also get an array of prices. I guess we could also say that they’re among the cheapest stands we could get.

Plus, they’re quite big so we get our money’s worth.

And this is one of the most popular options on the market.

However, I should also mention that the Bamworld Indoor Outdoor Plant Stands also come with a lot of negative reviews.

While they’re popular and their models offer an array of options for every need we might have, the Bamworld Indoor Outdoor Plant Stands are not my top favorite when I consider all those negative reviews.

All in all, I like them but I definitely don’t love them.


Their stands are big. That is the first thing that you’ll notice.

We get a lot of shelves to fit a lot of pots and containers of all sizes. I like that, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, the Bamworld Indoor Outdoor Plant Stands are definitely not the perfect option for people who only have 3-4 containers.

But if we have 7-10 plants or more, then you might consider what this manufacturer offers. Still, I need to remind you that there is an important number of negative reviews that you should check out and then you can decide if you want to make the purchase or not.

We can use the stands both indoors and outdoors.

They’re wood plant holders with plastic joints to consolidate the stand.

However, given that the shelves are made of wood, I wouldn’t place them outdoors in a place where they get rained on. That will certainly ruin the material in time.

The wood is natural and it underwent 1000 degrees F high temperature carbonization. The carbonization process foregoes the need for varnish or paint. That’s definitely a nice touch.

The manufacturer mentions that their plant shelves are easy to assemble. On the other hand, there are plenty of buyers who mention that installation is a big problem.

Plant shelves options

I mentioned that the Bamworld Indoor Outdoor Plant Stands come in an array of sizes and shapes.

The 3-square model is made with shelves for 7 plants. It comes in brown and black. However, the pots for these plants shouldn’t be extremely heavy or big. If you’re interested to check it out, once you see the pictures, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Another one is the 3-square with wheels in case you want to move it indoors and outdoors when weather conditions make it necessary.

The 5-sets is not a big favorite of mine in terms of design but you can use it for a lot of small plants. It is a flower stand made up of 5 independent stands. We can place them together in a row or we can use them as individual stands around the house. That’s a good combination.

The other stands are: convex, display, hanging, hanging larege rectangle, ladder square, ladder-02, rectangle, rectangle-02, and shaped corner.

They’re all made of the same material with the plastic joints, just the shapes and the number of pots we can place on the shelves differ.

All in all, the Bamworld Indoor Outdoor Plant Stands deserved to be included among the best shelves for plants but they’re nothing extraordinary, from my point of view.

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3. Bstrip DIY Plant Shelf with Grow Light

This is certainly something completely different from all my other recommendations for the best shelves for plants.

It’s 7-10 times more expensive than any of the options I review in this article.

And that’s because each shelf comes with its own grow light.

However, I should also mention that even if you buy any other stands you can still buy grow lights separately, if you need them. You can check out my reviews for the best grow lights for cactus or my article reviewing the best grow light strips if you need some inspiration.


It’s a very simple but very clean design. I like that. It looks like the kind of shelves we’re using for storing our jars or something. But it also works quite well for plants.

However, I should mention that these kinds of shelves only work for smaller plants, plants that don’t grow very tall at all because we must also make sure that they won’t touch the grow lights.

It can still work very well for a lot of succulents and a few other plants.

I would especially buy it if I want to grow herbs indoors. Or for growing leafy greens. Plus, I would also see this kind of shelf stand working well if I want to grow strawberries indoors.

It can be good for growing microgreens, too.

All in all, the Bstrip DIY Plant Shelf with Grow Light can be very versatile and a good thing to have around, if you have the budget for it.


We get:

  • 8 full spectrum LED grow lights
  • 4 x 13.8 inches connecting cords
  • 4 x 23.6 inches connecting cords
  • 2 x 5.9 inches extension adapter
  • 2 78.7 inches power cords
  • storage belt
  • 6 x wire shelf
  • 6 x PP mat
  • 8 x industrial wheel
  • accessory kit for grow lights
  • accessory kit for plant shel

It’s called a DIY Plant Shelf because we can use various installation methods.

We can build up to 6 layers vertically. Or use each shelf separately or pair them up or we use them in formation of 3, 4, 5 or 6 shelves. We get all the customization we want to do.

Moreover, the height of the wire shelf can also be adjusted.

All the 6 shelves measure 70.9 inches in height and 29.5 x 13.8 inches at the base.

There are also 7 industrial wheels for the shelves so they can be moved around once they’re assembled. 4 of the wheels have fixed locks.

The Bstrip DIY Plant Shelf with Grow Light is made up of 6 shelves that have good rust and oxidation resistance.

The entire stand can hold up to 270 pounds. It’s strong.

There are 8 grow lights that are full spectrum.

Each light consumes 24W.

The grow lights are pretty nice, I don’t have any complaints.

There are also 6 PP mat to prevent the water from getting the plant light wet when watering.

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4. Fox & Fern Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

This is a pretty standard plant stand. It’s the type that is also sold sometimes with more expensive or fancier containers.

It is described as an elegant plant holder in ‘50s design. Well, it still works very well for all modern spaces and it will be a wonderful fit for a whole array of container designs and materials.

While it’s great, I also find it quite expensive. I get that it’s a wooden structure that is supposed to be solid and built strong enough to sustain quite large planters but I still think it’s a bit expensive.

The reason for that is because this kind of stand only houses one single container. Thus, let’s say that the price is reasonable enough if we only have one container to buy a shelf for.

However, if you have multiple pots for which you’re looking for the best shelves for plants, then you’re going to have to pay a lot of money to get a Fox & Fern Mid Century Modern Plant Stand for each.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s see what this one offers for the money.


We get to choose from a bunch of different sizes. There are actually 4 sizes to choose from:

  • a stand that fits an 8 inch pot
  • one that fits a 10 inch pot
  • the third size is for 12 inch pots
  • and the last one is for 15 inch pots

There is a family option that comprises stands of the first three sizes. The ones made for 8, 10, and 12 inch pots.

Fox & Fern also offers a hanging planter, which looks quite nice but that’s a discussion for another time.

There are also a bunch of colors and heights to choose from: acacia, bamboo, acacia tall, bamboo tall, dark bamboo.

All in all, we get quite the array of choices to make.

We can also flip the stand upside down and the plants won’t be far from the ground. I usually like more height for my plants but it’s nice that with just one flip we get two heights to have our plants at.

Each Fox & Fern Mid Century Modern Plant Stand is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

It’s a bamboo plant holder made from natural bamboo.

It’s very strong, highly stable, and the design inspires warm tones of solid wood.

All in all, I can safely say that the Fox & Fern Mid Century Modern Plant Stand is made of solid wood that requires minimal assembly. It’s fantastic for those who are looking for special pieces for their house.

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5. Casimr 2 Tier Plant Stand Metal Potted Holder

In our quest looking for the best shelves for plants we saw plenty of wooden shelves and stands.

It’s high time we check out some made of metal, too.

The first thing I want to mention is that I’m impressed by the price. It’s one of the most affordable on this list, which is awesome.

There are a lot of things that make me excited about the Casimr 2 Tier Plant Stand Metal Potted Holder.

Moreover, while you might expect a metal, black construction to seem cold, that’s not the case. I really like the design. I can see it a good fit for a lot of houses, no matter what sort of aesthetic you want to go for.

At first glance, everything looks great. Let’s take a closer look.


We get to choose from two different heights and sizes.

We get the affordable option that has a height of 19.2 inches. This is the one that I really like and I think it looks really good.

This one has a top round frame with a diameter of 11.9 inches. You can fit a bigger pot or maybe two smaller ones.

The bottom round frame has a diameter of 10.1 inches. You’ll more likely place just one container on the bottom round frame. But maybe you also enjoy growing miniature plants so you can fit 3, 4 small pots.

The distance between the two round metal shelves measures 13.6 inches. It’s a good space.

The other Casimr 2 Tier Plant Stand Metal Potted Holder has a 28.1 inches height and it looks overall bigger that’s for sure. I’m not a complete fan of the bigger size but you might like it. I also don’t like how pricey it is.


What I like about the Casimr 2 Tier Plant Stand Metal Potted Holder is that it’s sturdy and stable.

It is a 100% metal plant stand that is made of high quality steel pipe and thick iron wire.

There are also 3 strong double legs, which are equivalent to 6 support points for increasing the stability of the metal frame.

Moreover, it can be safely used indoors without damaging our floors. Each plant stand is designed with curved double supporting points that increase the contact area with the floor and avoid scratching it.

We can also use this metal shelf for plants outdoors because it has a black powder-coated finish that protects it against rust and corrosion.

Plus, it’s quite easy to assemble.

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All in all, no matter what needs you have, I hope that my reviews for the best shelves for plants will match your expectations and budget.