Growing up on a farm with my grandparents gave me the foundation for knowing and appreciating how important and rewarding it is to grow your own plants both indoors and photo

Nowadays, I combine that decades-old knowledge with what I’m constantly learning about hydroponics. I truly believe that hydroponics will become a big part of our future, even for tiny households like mine.

To keep myself motivated and to give myself the opportunity to always learn more, I decided to create this website on all things gardening.

I became aware of hydroponics in high school when I saw a short clip on how lettuce is grown. It was fascinating seeing all those rafts being pushed around in huge greenhouses filled with basins of water.

I want to say that I was intuitive and thought that the same operation can be scaled down for the normal household but I definitely can’t claim such insight.

At that time, I was just concerned mainly with growing potted herbs and some houseplants. Growing aloe was definitely an obsessions for me due to my skin problems as an adolescent.

But there were many aspects I wasn’t aware of. Nowadays, we can find information online on all subjects, including how to build all kinds of hydroponics systems at home.

I must be completely honest and admit that I wasn’t even aware when it’s best to prune basil and how often. There was a lot of intuition involved but, as years passed, the intuition was replaced by facts.

So, I want to gather all that interests me about gardening, hydroponics and houseplants and write about them here, on my website.

I hope you will get as much out of this knowledge as I am.

As for my dreams, I definitely dream of a huge greenhouse where I can combine hydroponics with classic agriculture. Some plants, like those that grow underneath the soil, like onions, potatoes, carrots are still better grown the old-fashioned way. That’s what I dream of achieving when I have the necessary financial resources.