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Best Garden Wind Spinners: Beautiful Art for Gardens, Trees, Yards

The exciting thing about reviewing the best garden wind spinners is that I get to look at a lot of beautiful creations. They’re truly gorgeous.

On the other hand, the fact that there are so many beautiful creations makes it that much harder to choose a favorite. I hope you’ll find the best wind spinner for your garden in no time.

Best Garden Wind Spinners: My 10 Favorites

There are a few factors that you can keep in mind in order to quickly decide which is the best model for you.

First of all, you can decide if you like extremely colorful wind spinners or if you lean towards a single color or two colors combination. Most of them are extremely colorful and they definitely catch our eyes. In the end, it’s an issue of personal preference if you would enjoy those that absolutely stand out.

Secondly, there’s a matter of deciding on a shape. We can get the classic ones, ones that imitate flowers mostly, or we can look for particular shapes: heart-shaped, animal-shaped, 3D sculptures, and many other more complex designs.

You can also choose between metal or fabric as materials they’re made from.

Last but not least, there’s the price. A budget under $20 will offer you a good selection but some of the best garden wind spinners can have prices that get close to or exceed $50.

There are also creations that can exceed $100, especially if they’re more unique or made by dedicated artists.

Thus, when it comes to prices, the range is quite extensive. It helps to have a clear budget in mind.

Overall, no matter which design you end up choosing, we can certainly say that garden wind spinners are a wonderful way to add a touch of magic to our outdoors spaces.

We can even hang some from our trees. There’s a wide array of models to choose from and I’ll strive to recommend only the absolute best garden wind spinners.

1. Stanwood Wind Sculpture – One of the Best Copper Garden Wind Spinners

As I’m beginning my reviews for the best garden wind spinners, I wanted to introduce you to something completely different from all those models that I will subsequently review in this article.

Most wind spinners are affordable pieces, some costing $20-$30, others around $50 and some under $100.

However, this piece from Stanwood doesn’t come anywhere near those models. We could say that it costs as much as a very good stand mixer. Or as much as a really good outdoor oven for pizza. We could buy a fairly decent smartphone for the price of this Stanwood.

Nevertheless, some of you will take a look at it and think that it’s worth the price. There are certainly hundreds of reviews that absolutely love this piece of art. I certainly consider it to be art.

It’s not flashy, it doesn’t have dozens of colors, there’s no solar panel to make it glow at night, nothing of the sort. It’s just art for our gardens, if we have the budget for it.

I would admit that I’m surprised by how many people dared to spend the money on this delightful garden wind spinner. But I’m delighted to see that it does receive the deserved appreciation.

In the end, it’s a matter of taste. Some of you might take a look at it and think that it’s too plain. I can certainly understand that point of view, too. Just buy whatever piece you fall in love with. Or use my article as a starting point to find other wonderful creations.


The name of this wind sculpture that can fit so well in many gardens is willow leaves.

I saw a kinetic sculpture with the same color palette, much simpler in its construction than this one and much cheaper. The blades were represented by a single row of spoons. I like it well enough but it didn’t blow me away as the metal willow leaves do.

It’s just something about this wind sculpture with its metal willow leaves that leaves me in awe. To me, it speaks of an eternal future, of long lasting, deep feelings of happiness, hope, and beauty.

The movement of the two willow leaves spinners in the wind is mesmerizing and just a tiny bit dizzying, you can’t look away.

Yes, there are 2 leaf-mounted wheels, placed back-to-back. With just one wheel, it would have been too simple of a design, too plain.


One of the first things you’ll notice about its design, beyond its beauty, is the solid build. It makes the price worth it.

It screams quality. It’s completely weatherproof, you can leave it outside all year round. This Stanwood is meant to last for decades, it’s certainly a beautiful investment for one or multiple generations.

The blades are exquisitely made.

We actually get two back-to-back wind spinners. No matter where direction you look at it from, you’ll be able to see those willow leaves spinning in the wind.

The copper pole is thick and it’s described as a heavy gauge copper pole by the manufacturer. I can certainly attest to that.

The whole thing is pure copper and brass gravy duty construction.

Copper garden wind spinners are some of the best and the most long-lasting. They’re also quite expensive and harder to find. I wanted to review the Stanwood Wind Sculpture so that you can get an idea of what to look for if you’re looking for pieces made of copper.

This whole wind sculpture is really big: it’s about 6 feet tall and the leaf-mounted wheels are 2 feet in diameter. It will stand out in any garden or setting.

Now, let’s move on to reviewing some of the best garden wind spinners that aren’t sold for such dizzying prices. They will cost under $50 or under $100, which will fit most people’s budget.

2. Fonmy Stainless Steel Wind Spinner

When it comes to the best garden wind spinners from Fonmy, we actually have a lot of designs to choose from. I love that and that’s why I chose to recommend this manufacturer.

Plus, the price is well under $20 for a few of the designs that measure 6 inches in diameter.

If you want the 12-inch size, the price will also double.

Others will cost under $30.

All in all, when it comes down to it, we can say that these are some of the most affordable designs. Let’s see what we get for our money.


One thing you will immediately notice is that these come with a swivel hanging hook. The hook allows for 360 degrees spin, creating a 3D effect thanks to the design.

You can hang them from a tree, hang them on the door as a colorful decoration or from anywhere else.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the types of spinners that come with a stick and can be stuck in the ground among plants, this is not it.

All the available designs are made from durable stainless steel. They’re shaped by laser-cutting technology to form vivid shapes. All in all, the Fonmy Stainless Steel Wind Spinner is strong and flexible.

You can leave them outside when it rains or snows. However, I might resort to bringing them inside to make the paint last longer.


Frankly, pretty much all the available designs are very pretty, it’s hard to pick a favorite. A lot of them are multi-colored.

There is one design that features the tree of life in the center. It’s incredibly colorful and very pretty with the tree in the center.

When you get it, before hanging it, you’ll have to open the tree of life. Then, as the wind blows, the whole circle with the tree inside will rotate.

Thus, the Fonmy is not a kinetic wind spinner because the figure in the center, like our tree, doesn’t spin individually from the circles around it. The whole thing spins in the wind as a single piece but it still creates a beautiful effect.

I love how it looks from a bit of distance. It’s as if the colorful tree pushes its colors in the circles that surround it. It’s a very nice effect, realized with a bit of wind and sunlight.

My second favorite is the one with an owl in the center.

Another pretty thing is the one that features mostly different blue colors. In the center there’s a K9 clear crystal ball. It will look beautiful indoors, as well.

3. SteadyDoggie Mandala Wind Spinner

This one is very similar to the ones that I reviewed above from Fonmy. They even have similar prices.

These SteadyDoggie are very pretty and very colorful. I’m sure they will bring a nice inspiration for where to place them.

They’re also hung by a hook so they can be attached to a door, hung on the porch or in trees. There are various places where they can go.


It’s called a mandala wind spinner because the designs are inspired by classic Hindu and Buddhist mandala imagery.

The focal point is in the center and it radiates from the center.

These circles full of color will be delivered flat. To showcase them all you can to pop out the circles, starting from the center. In that simple way, you’ll reveal a vibrant 3D design.

Since the focal point is the center, when the wind blows all these tiny circles will spin, giving the impression that the colors radiate from the center. It’s a beautiful effect.

The effects that SteadyDoggie manages to create are impressive, especially since they’re pretty affordable.

For example, the one called Hibiscus really manages to create the effect of a 3D big flower spinning in the wind. It’s a fantastic effect, it will look gorgeous no matter where you hang it from.

There are different designs to choose from: Hibiscus, Lovebird (hummingbird in the center), 2 Lovla designs, Purplerain, Spirit, and Thangka.

Hibiscus and Lovebird are my 2 favorites.


The circles are made from stainless steel and they’re covered with epoxy protective coating to make them more durable and to protect them from the effects of weather.

4. MJ Spinner Designs Confetti Style

This is a proper kinetic garden wind spinner with a very nice, solid construction. It’s definitely a winner and one of the best garden wind spinners with a stand.

I love the fact that it’s kinetic. The effect created when the wind blows is truly beautiful. You can see how it looks when the wind blows in this video.


This is a very pretty design, I think it’s really nice and it looks quite complex. I think it can certainly fit in any garden.

What I love the most is the fact that there are 2 spinners positioned back-to-back.

The spinners will spin in the opposite or the same direction. The visual effect is great.

The design manages to resemble a very big flower. We get circles of color at the end of each thin blade that are certainly the focal point of this piece from MJ Spinner Designs. I love the whole colorful design that manages not to be too much.


This is a solid metal construction. The metal stake is solid and very easy to assemble. Just stick it in the ground, make sure that it’s solid and enjoy the show.

For the price, I would maybe have expected it to be made of copper but that’s not the case.

There are extra long metal stakes, three of them, to create stability for the whole piece.

Moreover, weather resistant powder coated paint was used for those nice colors to ensure that they last longer.

The whole piece has a 72 inches height and it’s 19 inches in diameter. It’s quite big and it will manage to stand out even if you place it among taller plants.

5. Codace Wind Spinner

This one is another affordable decoration that comes with a hook and not a metal stand. It will look very pretty if you hang it from a tree or from a porch or for anywhere else you want to place it.

It even looks nice as a decoration indoors.


The construction is simple but mesmerizing. Unlike with many other spinners, this one is shaped like a square and not a circle.

Thus, it has many squares that get tinier and tinier as we reach the center.

The whole secret is to arrange these individual squares to stand out, to make them fan out so that they can catch the light and the wind because the piece will be delivered as a flat piece.

It is made from high quality stainless steel.

Plating technology is used, which is different from the models colored by paints. Most models are colored by paint so this Codace Wind Spinner is certainly different.

It is also covered with epoxy protective coating for increased durability. The protective coating gives it higher corrosion, wear, and rust resistance.

It will fan out pretty easily but all those individual squares won’t bend. So don’t be afraid to fan them out properly. Otherwise, you won’t create the whole 3D effect.


In terms of design, you have two options: colorful and silver.

The colorful model might be a bit too much for some of your tastes. Go with the silver option if this square wind spinner is what you’re looking for.

The design is meant to create a 3D mirror visual effect. It’s a kinetic sculpture because the art takes place when it spins in the wind. When it doesn’t spin, it’s not that special.

It’s a bit hypnotic if you watch it spin for too long but I enjoy the effect it creates. It just needs the right audience.

6. Flybold Wind Spinner

This is not a cheap spinner. I will also admit that the design is just a tiny bit too simple for my tastes.

Even so, I’m well aware that I don’t share the same tastes with everyone else. Thus, since this piece is quite popular, I decided to include it among my recommendations.


The manufacturer describes their design as poetry in motion. It certainly spins easily in the wind.

We get 2 wheels, back to back that are supposed to speed in opposite directions simultaneously.

The entire blade assembly rotates 360 degrees around the axis of the spinner. It’s a great look.

There are only 2 colors featured, blue and lavender. They work very well together. The blades are painted with rustic and antique paint finish for a special effect.


It’s a metal wind spinner.

Flybold also makes sure to mention that their metal spinners are more colorful, which can uplift the mood, unlike copper garden wind spinners. I can’t say that I totally agree with them because there are some copper pieces that are outstandingly beautiful.

I like the three-pronged base for the stick. It looks very solid.

The thicker base frame doesn’t bend.

The blades are painted with water resistant paint coating.

It’s very easy to install and I’m sure you already have a spot in mind where it will fit just perfectly among your plants.

This piece measures 84 inches in heights and 22 inches in diameter. It’s pretty big.

7. Maggift Solar Wind Spinner

It’s time to review another proper wind spinner, the kind that comes with a metal stake that will be fixed into the ground. It also includes a small solar panel.

The installation is quite effortless. It will come in 3 pieces and you just have to put these 3 together, stick the metal stake in the ground and make sure that it’s stable.

It’s not the cheapest garden wind spinner with a stake but it has a few additional features to justify the higher price. It can be worth it if it fits your tastes.


What is so interesting about this spinner and one of its main attractive features is the fact that it comes with decorative LED light.

In the center, it has a round glass ball that will light up at night. That’s thanks to the solar panel that comes with the spinner. The solar panel includes a AA 600mAh rechargeable battery. That means that it can last for 8 hours or more at night.

The glass ball is supposed to also change colors. It will be a beautiful addition to your garden, during the day, when the blades are the focal point, and at night, when the ball becomes a beacon in the night, managing to look like a colorful star.

The blades are nothing impressive but they’re pretty enough. These are 2 tier blades in a blue-violet and gold combination.

They look very nice when they spin in the wind. Each tier can spin in the opposite direction, which will create a nice effect.

I wouldn’t qualify this as a kinetic wind spinner because, while the spinning motion is really nice and colorful, it doesn’t exactly make us think of an art piece.


Both the stake and the blades are made of durable metal, although we are not informed which type precisely.

Anti-rust paint was used for the blades to make them durable and to be able to withstand outdoor conditions.

The stake and the blades measure together 57 inches and the blades have a width of 12.6 inches.

8. Home Land Wind Spinner

Again, we have a pretty classic garden wind spinner. It’s also a bit pricey because it’s on the bigger side so let’s see what else it offers.


It has a height of 83 inches and a diameter for the wheels of 23 inches. That’s quite big.

Moreover, it also features 2 wheels, placed back to back for a very nice effect when the wind blows.

The color combination is nothing very exciting: copper and dark blue. It’s certainly not among my favorites but it can look quite nice when it spins.

It also features a 360 degrees rotation, which I always appreciate.


It’s a 100% steel construction. This piece should last for a very long time.

For increased stability, the stick comes with a 3 prong arch anchor. That’s always to be expected for pieces that are so tall and have a bigger diameter.

9. Premier Kites Yorkie Petite Spinner

This is a different kind of garden wind spinner. It’s just absolutely adorable and it features a yorkie.

It’s definitely the cutest thing ever, especially for animal lovers or for families with small children.

The piece is of a running yorkie and there wings that also spin so it creates a beautiful effect.

It’s made from durable polyester rip-stop so it’s made from fabric and not from metal.

It’s a petite spinner so it will look well in garden beds or among small plants or just placed among grass. It come with a petite stick for being easily stuck in the ground.

The Premier Kites Yorkie Petite Spinner is very nice, cheap, and just a joy to have around. I love it and it’s fun to have one of these as an ornament.

A buyer actually found a practical purpose for these best garden wind spinners that feature an adorable dog. The buyer left a review mentioning that they have no more rabbits munching on the garden greens. It seems that these can actually scare pests.

If you love these fabric spinners, Premier Kites is a manufacturer that has a bunch of amazing designs. The only problem is that you might want them all.

10. VP Home Colorful Cat Wind Spinner

We talked about wind spinners in the shape of dogs but now let’s talk about a wind spinner that has a cat as a center figure.

It’s a beautiful piece for cat lovers. It’s really nicely done and very cheap.

It will be delivered flat so you’ll have to fan out the pieces according to the instructions. Otherwise, you won’t get to create that 3D effect when it spins in the wind.

It comes with a hook so it can be hung from a tree or from the porch.

Overall, it’s tiny, cheap, colorful, and it features a cat as the centerpiece. What’s not to like?

It’s made from metal, weather-resistant electroplated steel, and it has a 10 inch diameter.

How to Pick the Best Garden Wind Spinner for You

In my introduction, I briefly mentioned a few factors that you must be aware of before choosing the one for you from all the beautiful garden wind spinners on the market. Now, I want to expand on those aspects a bit more.

Purpose of wind spinners

Since these are gorgeous creations, the main purpose of wind sculptures and spinners is obviously to look beautiful in a gorgeous garden.

Thus, the main purpose is aesthetic. It’s also why we might have a bit of a hard time choosing just one from all these best garden wind spinners.

Well, I never said that you have to limit your choice to just one single piece. It depends on how generous your budget is. However, you might feel that your large garden might benefit from 2-3 wind spinners.

The second purpose is in its name. It contains the word wind. Thus, another purpose for these objects is to show us the direction from which the wind is blowing.

Most models are powered by the wind. Even so, there are also creations that are hand-, friction- or motor-powered.

Those who light up at night can be solar-powered. I particularly love those. They’re fantastic if you spend a lot of nights outdoors with family and friends or just by yourself enjoying a good book.

The main purpose remains that it can add flare and beauty to our garden. Or to our trees, if you decide to get one that can be hung from a tree.

We can also buy specific models to hang them on our front or back porch. There are different models for different decorating needs.


There’s simply no way to categorize them by design. You’ll find hundreds of wind sculptures and spinners, each more beautiful than the other.

Color palette

The only thing I can mention when it comes to design is their color palette: some spinners will incorporate what seems like every color on the planet, while others will be monochromatic or will stick to using just 2 or 3 colors for their designs.

Thus, it will depend on your preferences if you want something that truly stands out in an instant or if you’re looking to create a more sedate atmosphere.


Monochromatic doesn’t have to equate dull. The shape of the wind spinner can make even one or two colors appear like the most beautiful creation.

In the center, some will also include various shapes: trees, birds, butterflies, the moon and the stars, etc.

Some will be directly made in the shape of animals or other various shapes.

Gazing ball spiral tail wind spinners

Last but not least, if you don’t care about classic designs, you can go for gazing ball spiral tail wind spinners.

These are just a bit too plain for me but they can end up being gorgeous if you buy a bunch of them to hang them for trees or on the porch.

In this case, the power is in the number of decorative pieces that you use because gazing ball spiral tail wind spinners are a bit tiny and unremarkable as a singular ornament. They need some backup.

Gazing ball spiral tail wind spinners are also a bit inexpensive but if you buy 2 or 3 the final price will be quite high.

Some people also buy this type with a gazing ball in the center to hang them from a bigger, more classic-looking wind spinner or sculpture. That can work, too.

Kinetic wind spinners

Since I just talked about designs, I want to also mention a particular category: kinetic wind spinners.

Here’s a short video that showcases just how mind-blowing some of these sculptures can be. That man is a fantastic artist.

There are plenty of kinetic wind spinners that are sold at very accessible prices.

The large majority of wind spinners are actually kinetic because the definition of kinetic art is that it’s a form of art that depends on movement for its effect. That certainly applies to our decorative pieces for our gardens, porches, and yards.

Thus, wind spinners that create certain effects when they are moved by the wind can also be categorized as kinetic wind spinners.

It can be as simple as a spinner with dark metal spoons for blades that will look a bit dizzying when the wind blows. That’s the simplest example I could think of but some structures will be a lot more complex.


Another thing you have to pay attention to is the material from which the spinners are manufactured.


Stainless steel is one material that you’ll come across. It’s durable and these models will be a bit cheaper.

Solid metal is another material you’ll come across in descriptions. It’s not specified what type of metal is used but you can expect it to last a pretty long time.

Metal in general is more prevalent because it can be painted in whatever colors the manufacturer wants.

Metal wind spinners are the most popular and the prevalent models in the market. They’re certainly very beautiful with all those color combinations.


Copper is considered by some to be too bland. After all, the color we get is copper.

Well, if you buy one from a good artist or from a high-quality manufacturer, you won’t say that copper is too bland. You’ll think that it’s the most beautiful wind sculpture.

The best material is copper. This material is awesome for its quality, durability, and weather-resistance capability.

These types of wind spinners will last for years, decades to come. You can regard it as a very good investment.

Copper is not the most popular choice because copper wind spinners are not that easy to find. They’re also pretty pricey, some of the most expensive pieces are made of copper.


The other option is to buy models made from fabric, textile wind spinners.

However, don’t believe that just because they’re made from fabric that also means that they’re cheaper. You’ll certainly come across some expensive models, even if they’re made from fabric and possibly less long-lasting than metal sculptures.

I have to admit one thing though: fabric wind spinners can be quirky, gorgeous, and an absolute delight.

The variety of designs is impressive. They also inspire more warmth because they’re not made from metal. I can certainly see why some people prefer these fabric ones, although they’re not quite as popular as the metal designs.


I would say that if you want to place them among your plants, right in the middle of them, the garden wind spinner must be taller than your plants.

This is one situation where you must consider height as an important factor for your choice because if it’s not long enough, it won’t even be noticeable among tall plants.

Shorter designs have more stability. With taller ones you must make sure that they’re installed and stuck properly in the ground.

Benefits of garden wind spinners

The main benefit is the fact that they can add beauty to our garden, to our front and back years, to our porches and to our trees.

People search for the best garden wind spinners because they’re pretty.

If you want to accentuate a certain part of your garden or of your flower beds, you’ll definitely be looking for something that will integrate with the color palette that your flowers create.

Those that are kinetic will create art as the wind blows and the effect is mesmerizing.

There are also models that light-up at night, being solar-powered. Those are certainly another interesting attraction for the nights spent outdoors.

Besides beauty and aesthetics, we can also talk about more practical benefits, although they aren’t that substantial, in my opinion.

Let’s also mention a practical benefit that we can consider.

Improved air circulation can be one such benefit. It hasn’t been tested by anyone so there’s no scientific study to back this up but we can assume that we can attain some improved air circulation for our plants, which can help tomatoes and peppers.

If you’re interested in wind spinners not for their beauty but for scientific purposes, I found this guide on how to make a rudimentary model and how to experiment with its rotation. I’m certainly not a fan of building these kinds of things for experimenting with physics but maybe you are.

Do wind spinners keep animals away?

I have to admit that when it comes to researching garden wind spinners and their uses, I came across plenty of questions like: do wind spinners keep birds away or deter deer or scare squirrels or deter birds, moles or scare cats and birds.

I must be frank and admit that I don’t think so. With a certain degree of certainty, I can say that I don’t think they keep animals away in any way.

I would actually assume that some sculptures would attract birds and butterflies thanks to their movement and maybe their multitude of colors.

If you want a thing to scare animals away, I know for sure that wind chimes can keep squirrels and other animals away from the yard. If the sound of wind chimes is loud enough, they can scare a number of animals away.

But I also find the noise to be too much after a few minutes so I’m not a fan. I’m a much bigger fan of wind spinners, even if they might not keep or scare animals away.

Where should a wind spinner be placed?

Since the main purpose for these objects is to decorate our garden and make it even more attractive, the first placement consideration will be that you’ll want to put it in a place that puts your garden décor on full display.

However, it must also spin. Thus, you must find the place that makes it spin, as well.

Thankfully, there are many designs that rotate 360 degrees on the axis to catch the wind no matter which direction it is blowing.

As long as you assemble these models properly, which is pretty easy, the blades will catch the wind no matter what direction they’re facing.

On other models, in order to ensure that it will spin, the blades should be facing into the wind. If it doesn’t spin, just twist it around and that might fix it.

You can place them in your front or backyard. You can also place them into a windy, high-traffic corner of your lawn.

Some will be hung from trees or from your porch. It comes down to what you want to decorate and what you end up choosing as the best garden wind spinners for your space.