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best kneeling pad alternative for gardening

Best Garden Kneeling Pads & Cushions Reviews

Let’s do our gardening in the most comfortable way by shopping for the best garden kneeling pads. There’s really no need to be uncomfortable.

Hurting our feet and knees or getting out trousers dirty every time we have to take care of our plants shouldn’t part of the experience.

What is the point of having one of the best occupations or hobbies on the planet if you’re struggling with knee pain or a much too greater level of discomfort? It can lead us to resent gardening and that’s just something that shouldn’t happen.

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5 Best Garden Kneeling Pads & Cushions

When buying the best garden kneeling pads, it’s all about comfort. You want to avoid injury at all costs, that’s the main objective.

And I’m not only talking about our knees being comfortable. I’m also talking about being comfortable about how much we should spend on the best garden kneelers.

It’s comfort all the way and maybe with a bit of style. Let’s see what we can find to suit our tastes and lets us care for our body and our flowers and vegetables in equal parts.

1. KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad Extra Thick – Overall the Best Garden Kneeling Pad

It must first be said that this is not exactly the cheapest best garden kneeling pad. But it’s an awesome one, made with memory foam for the best kind of comfort and the highest quality.

If you don’t mind the higher price, I think you could give it a chance. I definitely recommend it for older people or for people who suffer from any knee pain.

Younger people might not feel the need for such extra comfort so, they might be able to choose a cheaper option without problems.

Thick memory foam cushion

The biggest asset for this kneeling pad is the fact that it’s made of a memory foam cushion. Its height is 2.36 inches.

In my opinion, memory foam really does make a difference when it comes to not putting any strain on our knees, no matter how old our bones and cartilages are.

If you have a memory foam mattress, you already know that it’s firmer in the winter and softer in the summer. The same applies to this best garden kneeling pad from KI Store.

Water-resistant & washable

The neoprene cover is another big plus in its favor. It’s not only water-resistant but it’s removable and washable.
Additionally, it also has a water-resistant interior layer.

This kneeler is really geared towards lasting a lifetime.

The forest green design looks awesome and vibrant. Just perfect for taking it out for some productive fruitful work in the garden.

But it can also be used by mechanics working on cars, by plumbers, for cleaning the house, bathing the children or our pets, and so on.

It’s folded into the size of a briefcase and it’s light enough that it can be carried absolutely anywhere without becoming an annoyance.

Unfolded, the size is very nice, one of the biggest on the market: 22 x 13.5 inches.

2. Bosmere Kneeler Pad

Bosmere advertises its products as quality garden products. If we were to judge by this best garden kneeling pad, I would say that they’re pretty right about that.

What makes this model really great is the 3-inch thickness. In my opinion, that makes it stand out.

It also measures 20 inches in length and 12 inches in width. It’s quite big and you will be able to carry on doing your work in complete comfort.

Plus, the price is really not bad for such quality, it’s definitely worth the money.

You can buy it in purple, burgundy, grey, navy, pink, and dark green. Most of these are really vibrant colors and I love it.

3. Fiskars Ultralight Kneeling Cushion – Cheapest Option

If you care more about a cheap price than an incredibly soft padding, then the Fiskars Kneeling Cushion might be what you are looking for.

Not the softest

Make no mistake, neither the manufacturer nor users claim that this is the softest foam to cushion your knees.

It’s on the firmer side but some people like exactly that.

The Fiskars Kneeling Cushion measures  3/4 inches in thickness. You’ll be quite close to the ground, without actually being on the ground.

I would say that it’s still much better than sitting with your knees on the ground or concrete without any cushion at all.

Cheap price

For a price under $10, you’ll get one of the cheapest best garden kneeling pads that measures 18 x 11 inches. It’s not the biggest size but still pretty good. You will be able to fit both your knees on it.

EVA foam cushion

I really like that it’s a foam cushion, a resilient EVA foam that won’t absorb moisture and resists rips and abrasion. That’s really nice.

It also integrates a Convenient carrying handle.

Overall, I really like it and that seems to be the general consensus among users, too.

4. Gorilla Grip Thick Kneeling Pads

Quick disclosure: I’m not the biggest fan of this model. But it is one of the most-bought, most-popular so, let’s see what it offers.

I’m a much bigger fan of the above model from Fiskars than the Gorilla Kneeling Pads.

These Gorilla are also almost twice as expensive but the only thing that sets them apart is that they’re 1.5 inches thick.

And they come in a multitude of colors.


Many people describe these kneelers as quite hard. That’s not something of this thickness should ever be.

Moreover, there are a few complaints about the fact that the grip pattern can cause some discomfort for the knees. It can be felt even through work pants.

The grip pattern can leave imprints on skin after sitting on the pad for a while.

5. TomCare Garden Kneeler – Best Garden Seat

The major benefit with garden seats is that they have two roles: they can serves both as garden seats and as garden kneelers.

One second you have a best garden kneeling pad and the next second, with just a flip, you can have a best garden seat. It’s obviously made to be stable.

Both options are really comfortable thanks to the foam-padded cushion that constitutes the seat.

The TomCare Garden Kneeler can be viewed as an upgrade for the best garden kneeling pads and an awesome alternative with increased functionality.

It allows you to work both in the soil and at higher heights without damaging your knees or your back. They definitely have a clear advantage in this regard.

And a best garden seat like the TomCare Garden Seat can be of great help for those who can no longer bend over with ease.

Foldable frame

The seat is made on a foldable frame for compact storing. You can just place it in a narrow space, just don’t forget where you put it.

The frame is made of metal and the seat is made of plastic.

It weighs 5.73 pounds, which is about 3-5 times heavier than the average garden kneeling pad but those don’t have a metal frame either. Given that, I would that it’s nice and light.


In order to increase its functionality even more, this best garden seat from TomCare also offers 2 large tool bags: one with 4 pockets and the other with 3 smaller pockets, where you can store any gardening tools. That way, you can get all your work done without always having to interrupt your work to go gather the needed tools.

There are 3 color options: black, green, and grey. To be honest, they all look really good but I might be partial towards the grey color scheme.

The price is acceptable if you manage to get it on sale. Otherwise, it’s a bit expensive.

The max weight is 330.69lbs.

Best Garden Kneeling Pads Buying Guide

The choice is an easy one to make. It’s all about the cushions that these kneeling pads have.

The cushion pads are the ones providing support and comfort so, don’t choose a thin garden kneeler if you want to feel something really soft under your knees.

A thick memory foam is the best options when it comes to the cushions.

The thickness of the foam can differ greatly, from under 1 inch up to 2-3 inches thick for really pricey models.

It’s a matter of how much you’re willing to spend on it, too.

If you’re really looking to buy something really affordable, a best garden kneeling pad like the one from Fiskars is a top choice.

All models are waterproof and can be washed or cleaned with a sponge. You don’t have to worry about maintaining a kneeling pad clean, no matter which model you end up buying.

There’s not a great deal of difference when it comes to sizes.

On the smaller end you’ll get a 17/18 x 11/12 inches model. On the larger end you’ll get one that measures 20/22 x 12/13 inches.

Garden kneeling pads have a variety of uses:

  • in the garden – both on soil and on concrete
  • very used by mechanics, plumbers, and people working in the home improvement industry
  • for cleaning the house
  • for washing kids or pets
  • exercising and yoga
  • for more comfortable outings in nature

Garden Kneeling Pads Alternatives

kneeling pad alternative for gardening

If you’re really young and are used to all kinds of exercise, you might not even need to buy a best garden kneeling pad.

If you’re used to Yoga then you can do a heel sit for pretty long periods of time without having your legs go completely numb. You can bend over if the plants are tall enough. Moreover, you can work in or near the surface of the soil without the help of a garden kneeler if you can squat really low.

Use an old pillow

If you’ve seen any movie where a character sits in a beautiful garden and pretends to do some planting or tending to some gorgeous shrubs, then you might have noticed that said character sits on a nice-looking pillow.

You don’t need to use your beautiful pillows but each one of us has an old pillow that can be spared and taken outdoors for a little adventure.

You can put it in a trash bag or use a waterproof fabric to protect it from getting wet or dirty really quickly.

Get a garden seat/bench

Garden seats have the advantage that they can be used both as a garden kneelers for cushioning your knees and, if you flip them, they simply turn into a garden seat.

In order to do that they have a metal frame but the seat is absolutely comfortable, being made from a foam-padded cushion.

A model like TomCare Garden Kneeler might not be exactly cheap but it’s also offers the bonus of being foldable. You can easily store it and carry it anywhere you want.

It also offers pockets for carrying your tools.

If you have trouble both bending over and being on your knees in the garden, choosing a garden seat as your companion will be an answer to both those problems.

You’ll be protecting both your posture and your knees. Your passion for gardening will go on unencumbered.

Use a garden stool

If you can’t be on your knees at all, you should use a stool to move around your plants and tend to them.

There are even some innovative models that have wheels, cart rolling stools, to enable you to move around your garden without always having to get up and move your stool manually. I think it’s an interesting option for people who can’t or hate to always have to get up and sit down.

But any stool can be used in the garden as long as it has the right height, allowing you to work on your garden without incurring any strain.

DIY knee pads

If you’re into the habit of DIY, then you can make your knee pads. There are plenty of websites with instructions and the material will barely cost anything.

I’m not entirely convinced that it will offer the same level of protection as the best garden kneeling pads do but it’s definitely a very good option for those who don’t want to spend any money.

Best Garden Kneeling Pads FAQs

We’ve already reviewed the best garden kneeling pads. Let’s see if there’s something we overlooked.

1. What do you kneel on when gardening?

You can buy garden kneeling pads like the ones reviewed in this article or you can make our own knee pads at home. You can also use an old pillow if you don’t want to spend additional money or time to make knee pads.

2. Are garden kneelers worth it?

Garden kneelers are totally worth it if you want to do your work in complete comfort. A garden kneeler like The TomCare Garden Kneeler is one of the best and most complex garden kneeler. It will be of big help for people who can’t bend as easily as they used to or for those who suffer from pains in their knees or back.

3. What are garden kneeling pads made of?

Garden kneelers are basically foam-padded cushions, thick memory foams wrapped in waterproof materials that are very easy to clean and wash. The best garden kneeling pads are characterized by 2-3 inches foam thickness and they’ll offer enough space for your knees to get comfortable on the garden kneeler.